The Journey

The Journey (Comedy/Drama, color, no rating 1:37)
by Emanuel Levy

Funny, endearing film
The Slant, an Online Magazine
by Darren Crovitz

The Journey, leaves an indelible mark
by Harvey Karten

'Journey' Maps Route to New Life in Foreign Land
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
by Ed Blank

Debut Film Displays Surprising Confidence
Pittsbrugh Post-Gazzette
by Ron Weiskind

Such a Long Journey
Business World
by Anil Dharker

The Filmmakers of 'The Journey'
New Ray Films
by Harish Saluja

Two Stalwarts Star in US-Based Film, 'The Journey'
Little India
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Harish Saluja

Sewickley Hosts Silk Screen Film Festival
by Jonathan Barnes

Local Artist Talks About Latest Work
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Harish Saluja shares his take on mixing Hinduism, Buddhism
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
by Kurt Shaw

Mandalas & Deities
Recent Paintings
by Harish Saluja

Harish Saluja 'Mandalas and Deities' opens 9/3 Friday 7-9, Mendelson Gallery
Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Akron, Cleveland Arts And Livable City Blog
by Jean McClung

Short List: Week of September 2 - 9
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Silk Screen Festival 2010 -- Comcast Newsmakers: Harish Saluja
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India In Pittsburgh: Harish Saluja
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Filmmaker Launches Asian Arts organization and Film Festival
The Indus Review
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Comcast Newsmakers: Harish Saluja on Silk Screen 2008
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Comcast Newsmakers Silk Screen 2007
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Cultural Awareness: An Important Story
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Silk Screen Festival -- Comcast Newsmakers: Harish Saluja
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'The Journey' Producer Both Actor and Director
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
by Ron Weiskind, Post-Gazette Movie Editor

Filmmaker used city as root for work
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
by Ed Blank

Intruding on Life: Harish Saluja Undertakes his Journey
The Films of Little India
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Filmmaker completes his 'Journey'
The Associated Press
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Moviemaker Spices Work with Scenes of India
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Engineer, Artist, Radio Host, Filmmaker: Harish Saluja
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Harish Saluja
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Music from India

How Harish Saluja's quest for cultural connection led to 45 years of Indian music in Pittsburgh
by Kim Lyons

Harish Saluja: Dedicated service for 30 years connecting Desis to their musical roots
by Kris Gopal, Upper St. Clair, PA and K S Venkataraman, Murrysville, PA

Music from India: Tuning in for 18 Years
by Rahul De'