New Ray
New Ray Films
New Ray Films is a film production company founded by Harish Saluja. Harish is a filmmaker, artist and radio music host residing in Pittsburgh, PA. He is also the founder and Executive Director of Silk Screen, Asian Arts and Culture Organization.

A show of Harish’s Miniature Paintings will be at the Lantern Gallery in downtown Pittsburgh, February 10-March 19.
The Miniatures are small (5x3 inches) paintings in mixed media. These are abstract explosions of color.
The work is inspired by the traditional miniature art from India that has been known for centuries. The artist has given that concept a modern, abstract interpretation. Often these miniatures serve as the basis for much larger pieces of work.
Infused with abstract complexities, the intricate patterns and bold colors energize the works and engage the viewer.
Click Here to see examples of some of the works

2017 Silk Screen Film Festival
September 15-24, 2017

Click Here for more information about films, tickets and showtimes as it unfolds!
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